Land Prices


10 US  / a month for starter region 10 k prims (1 time per  person   and couple only)
15 US  /a month for standard region 20 k Prims 
25 US  /a month  for a 2x2  40 K Prim
35 US /a month for a 2x2  80 k prims 
4.00 us 1/4 sim US /a month 3000 Prims  Boot camp  region 
All-region can have their own stream and land rights  
boot camp no terraforming on boot camp   
Skybox  2000 min and no lower and residential Only.
Please be aware of T.O.S. rules you're responsible for your region and any bad object or Textures, scripts that cause damage to your region, Tech person will restart your region and take oar one a week please remember to ask before your event to restart your region a day before your event or early that morning. Thank you.